Statement of the European Ornithologists’ Union on the war against Ukraine

Birds connect people and landscapes across Europe and the globe. Similarly, the ornithological community in Europe and beyond is international and highly interconnected. For this reason, we are deeply concerned about the fate of all our colleagues and friends and their families who are suffering from an unjustified war.

The EOU strongly supports the Ukrainian people and the state of Ukraine as it faces aggression from the Russian government. We firmly condemn any actions aimed at attacking democracy, autonomy and basic human rights as we are now witnessing in Ukraine. Thus, we implore the Russian government to immediately withdraw its armed forces from Ukrainian territory and to immediately cease all actions leading to the deaths of Ukrainian civilians and Ukrainian and Russian soldiers. The Russian government must end its war against Ukraine.

As a scientific society, we champion the uncensored exchange of information, whether for scientific research or for other public interests. Furthermore, we appeal to the warring parties to respect the borders of the protected natural heritage sites in Ukraine, including primeval forests that have been declared as world natural heritage.