Prompted by some misunderstandings, here is a clarification of the EOU’s position regarding Twitter.

The EOU strongly encourages delegates to promote people’s research via social media. The default is that it’s OK to tweet! If delegates express no preference, we assume that they are happy to have their research disseminated by Twitter. It is also becoming increasingly popular to follow conferences from a distance, and Twitter coverage allows those who cannot make it to still catch some exciting new developments in ornithology. We encourage you to use #EOU2015 and these tweets will show on the website homepage throughout the conference.

You can additionally use the “TwitterOK” symbol to actively invite tweets, or to express your support for twitter. No worries to those who have already printed their posters! If you want to, you can add little stickers or labels stating “TwitterOK”.

Unfortunately, however, there are also some bad personal experiences. Therefore the EOU also encourages delegates to freely express a “NoTwitter” view and points to logos to opt out: More details and #TwitterOK logos