International Workshop on:

Sexual Selection in a Changing World

Erice, Sicily, 17-21 May 2024


We would like to announce our upcoming workshop on “Sexual Selection in a Changing World” in the beautiful Erice, Sicily (Italy), 17-21 May 2024.

The onset of the Anthropocene presents natural populations with novel challenges at a hyper-accelerated rate. How do sexual selection, sexual competition, and mate choice help or hinder adaptation to environmental change? How can we make generalizations and predictions about these effects from information we can easily measure? How can we apply this knowledge to best practices in conservation? These urgent questions center around the fitness dynamics of sexual selection, a topic of contention for decades. For this workshop, we bring together internationally renowned theoreticians and empiricists from fields ranging from evolutionary genomics to behavioral ecology, population biology and cognitive ecology. Through talks, round tables, and structured discussions, we bring experts and students together to find areas of consensus, debate, and collaboration.

*Top line-up of speakers: Aneil Agrawal, Alex Aguilar, Suzanne Alonzo, Francesca Cagnacci, Ulrika Candolin, Costantino Macias Garcia, Tim Janicke, Jan Komdeur, Loeske Kruuk, Andrea Pilastro, Noa Pinter-Wollman, Gil Rosenthal, Ryan Schacht, Rhonda Snook, Tamás Székely, Claus Wedekind, Franjo Weissing.

*Registration and abstract submission deadline:* 30th November 2023

*Participation fees: ALL-INCLUSIVE, comprehensive of registration to the workshop, lodging, meals, coffee breaks and transport to and from the airport (Palermo or Trapani).

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On behalf of the workshop organizers,

Chiara Morosinotto,