Dear members of the EOU,

Are you willing to serve on the EOU Council for the period 2019-2023? Or can you encourage someone who might stand for election as Council member?

The EOU runs exciting conferences every 2 years in different countries across Europe. In the years between conferences, thanks to the EOU Fledglings, we have an exciting additional meeting for young ornithologists in Europe. It is a pleasure to hold these meetings, but it requires dynamic and hard-working ornithologists to organize the EOU.

The EOU is run by 5 officers (President, President-Elect, Past President, Secretary and Treasurer) and 10-15 Council members, who are elected during conferences. In addition, we co-opt some ornithologists  for special advice. Together, we plan the conferences, manage EOU business, and think of ways to make the EOU a lively voice of European ornithologists.

At the General Meeting at the conference in Cluj in August 2019, we will elect eight new Council members of the EOU and the Treasurer.

We strive to include members from all parts of Europe, who motivate people in their areas to attend conferences and submit abstracts. We also strive to have Council members representing different age groups and sexes, and different approaches (e.g. citizen science, academic, conservation etc.) and fields (e.g., ecology, taxonomy, physiology etc.). We expect Council members to try hard to attend all Council meetings held at our conferences, and between conferences, to participate in discussions (mostly via email) and actively represent their region and specific roles in ornithology. According to the EOU statutes no more than 2 Council members and 1 officer can be from the same country. Council members are elected for a term of 4 years.

The following members of Council and co-opted ornithologists will complete their terms:

Andrey Bushuev Russia

Arne Hegemann Sweden

Elena Arriero Spain

James Reynolds UK

Jan Engeler Germany

Judy Shamoun-Baranes Netherlands

Madelaine Scriba Switzerland

Marko Mägi Estonia

Matthias Weissensteiner Austria

Tamer Albayrak Turkey

Toni Laaksonen Finland


The members below will continue:

Alexandre Roulin Switzerland

András Liker Hungary

Blandine Doligez France

Erik Matthysen Belgium

Grzegorz Neubauer Poland

Mark Mainwaring UK

Mateo Griggio Italy

Peter L. Pap Romania

Petra Sumasgutner Austria

Sara Lupi Italy

Wieland Heim Germany

President Jan-Åke Nilsson, President-Elect Alfonso Marzal, Past President Barbara Helm and Secretary Susi Jenni-Eiermann will remain in office until 2021. Treasurer Oliver Conz will stand again for election.

If you are willing to serve as a member of the Council, please send your application by e-mail. It should include a brief, free-text CV, and brief statements of interests and of the vision of the candidate for the EOU. This information will be used to check eligibility, will be included in the election information, and for those elected, can later be posted on the homepage.

All applications will be reviewed by the nomination committee, consisting of Verena Keller (Switzerland), Goetz Eichhorn (Germany / Netherlands) and Jiří Reif (Czech Republic) and chaired by Past President Barbara Helm. Nominated candidates are expected to attend the conference in Cluj and to be present during the election at the General Meeting.

Please mail your application materials to Barbara Helm ( by 15 March 2019

Barbara Helm, Past President of the EOU, on behalf of the nomination committee, and Susi Jenni-Eiermann, EOU Secretary