Call for new Council members for the EOU

Dear members of the EOU,

Are you willing to serve on the EOU Council for the period 2022-2026? Can you encourage someone who might become an active Council member?

The EOU is run by 5 officers (President, President-Elect, Past President, Secretary and Treasurer) and 10-15 Council members, who are all elected at our conferences. They plan the conferences and manage and develop the EOU. Thus, we seek people from all parts of Europe, who represent diversity in every respect, such as experienced and young ornithologists, men and women, and different subjects and approaches, including academic research, applied ornithology and citizen science. The main criteria are that people are active, dedicated, and well connected, so that we can create meetings that reach the entire Ornithology community of Europe. At the EOU conference in Giessen, we will elect up to 7 more council members, and Secretary and President-Elect. We will lose representation from Switzerland, UK, France, Austria and Italy, but will have maximal coverage (2 council members) from Sweden, Russia and Spain. Many countries and regions of Europe are without representation.

Nominations are now called for, and will remain open until 30 November 2021. Please find more details here: Call2021_Council_correct