Dear Members of EOU,

Hope you are all safe and healthy in these difficult times. The Covid situation is very unstable in most countries at the moment and nobody can predict when we are back to normal (or maybe a new normal!). In view of this, the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) and the Scientific Program committee (SPC) have decided to postpone our EOU conference planned for September 2021 in Giessen. It is a very sad decision to take but I hope that you understand that it was the only possible option.

However, following on the great work by the head of the LOC, Petra Quillfeldt, the Council has decided to aim for having our conference the 14-18 of March 2022 instead.

This new timing has been possible due to a gap in the term at the University in Giessen, making it possible for us to use the lecture halls. Furthermore, by having our conference in March, we avoid unfortunate over-laps with other conferences. With this note, I also would like to optimistically look into the future and ask for suggestions of venues for the conference after Giessen.

Personally, I am rather fed up with digital meetings at the moment – underlying that we are social creatures. Since I have heard the same reactions from colleagues, we will try very hard to have the conference in real life. So, for the time being mark your calendars (the 2022 edition!) with a note about a spring conference in Giessen. In due time our head of the Scientific Committee, Dan Chamberlain, will be back with announcements of symposia submissions and eventually submissions of abstracts for orals and posters. In the meantime, try to be out in the nature as much as possible as that will reduce the risk of being infected and that is where the birds are!

Take care

Jan-Åke Nilsson

President EOU