Opportunity for PhD Moscow & Groningen, NL: Ancient timers in dynamic environments

This PhD is co-supervised by Eldar Rakhimberdiev (Moscow State University), Julia Karagicheva (Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research) and Barbara Helm (Universty of Groningen).

Many birds are born with internal time-keepers that help them anticipate rhythmic changes in the environment, such as the coming of spring and autumn. Birds then prepare to migrate, to breed, and to moult, just in time for the change of seasons. However, in our times environments are changing rapidly. Therefore, we need a better understanding of  time-keeping programs. This PhD project seeks to dissect biological time-keeping and look at it from the ecological perspective.

For more information, see the links below, or contact Eldar (eldarrak@gmail.com) or Barbara (b.helm@rug.nl)