Dear EOU members,

The programme of the 12th Congress of the EOU, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, is now online:


I think that you agree that we have a very exciting conference ahead of us and we hope you can join us for this exciting meeting!

With this email, we also invite all of you to the EOU General Meeting, to be held

Friday, 30 August 2019, 16:45, in the Plenary Hall of the venue in Cluj-Napoca.

This meeting is very important because many decisions will be made. We will elect new officers, and we will vote on a proposed change to the statutes. We will also decide on the venue for the EOU 2021, and of course, we will decide on the general course of the EOU. So please attend if you can!

With this notification, we attach the following four documents:

  1. The agenda for the General Meeting
  2. The slate of candidates for Elections
  3. The proposed change to the Statutes
  4. The full, current Statutes of the EOU (also available on website)


Looking forward seeing you in Cluj-Napoca

Jan-Åke Nilsson

EOU President

Agenda general meeting 190715