The 10th EOU Conference in Badajoz was a vibrant display of the power and excitement of Ornithology in Europe. Almost 500 delegates from 26 countries participated, and shared and discussed research in 400 oral and poster contributions, and in formal and informal social events. Participants were treated with great impressions of birds in Spain, including spectacular viewings of vultures and raptors. The Fledgelings and others organised special events, and the Migrant Landbird Study Group held a well-attended Satellite Meeting.

The EOU expresses its greatest gratitude to our Spanish hosts, under the leadership of Alfonso Marzal, for organising this memorable and beautiful event. We also thank the Scientific Programme Committee, chaired by Graham Martin, for their exquisite work. The conference in Badajoz marks another big step in bringing together ornithologists from across Europe.

At the General Meeting, the EOU replaced retiring council members and the Treasurer by new people with a great coverage of Europe. On this occasion, we thank all former members for their help. We cordially welcome the new council and Treasurer, and look forward to jointly planning the future activities of the EOU! Please find the Minutes of the General Meeting, the Abstracts of Badajoz 2015, and much more information on this website.

We now look forward to the next meeting! On behalf of the local organisers headed by Toni Laaksonen, we invite you to the 11th EOU Conference in Turku, Finland, from Aug 18-22, 2017. The Scientific Programme Committee will be chaired by Zoltan Barta from Hungary. Please see the linked, preliminary information. Mark your calendars!

If you haven’t done so already, please join the EOU on this webpage. It helps us to create a community, and it will help you stay informed about future EOU activities. Finally, please use this website to post messages and engage in discussions. If you have ideas and suggestions, the Secretary Susanne Jenni-Eiermann (, the President, and all officers and council members will be keen to hear from you.

We hope to see you in Turku!