European Breeding Bird Atlas 2 – join in and support one of the largest mapping projects

The European Bird Census Council (EBCC), together with its partners across Europe, will produce a new European Breeding Bird Atlas 2 (EBBA2), to update the ground-breaking first atlas whose data are now 30 years old. EBBA2 is one of the most ambitious mapping projects ever attempted. It coordinates collection and analysis of data on more than 500 bird species which were obtained with the help of more than 50,000 coordinated volunteers in more than 50 European countries.

 What are the aims of EBBA2?

  • Produce up-to-date distribution maps for birds across the whole of Europe
  • Provide overview of changes in species distribution since the 1980s
  • To become one of the most comprehensive biodiversity data sets in the world
  • To build capacity for conservation and monitoring in areas where this is most needed
  • Produce better maps of range and relative abundance on European level than ever before

Why is EBBA2 a seminal work on European level?

 The last such large scale mapping effort was conducted 30 years ago. We need up to date bird distribution maps to determine how environmental changes have influenced bird populations across Europe and develop better conservation policies.

What has EBBA2 achieved up to 2017?

 Finished the main bulk of fieldwork data collection across Europe (2013-2017)

  • Established a reliable network of coordinators in each European country (
  • Provided methodological and financial support to countries with less experience and finances (
  • Collected pilot data on 15 bird species (total of 20,649 records from a total of 3,952 50×50 km squares were gathered from all European countries) and produced preliminary maps (

How can you join in?

Through our species sponsorship campaign, you can choose a species you wish to support and help us achieve our goal. The European Breeding Bird Atlas 2 (EBBA2) is entering its final stage and the work on producing the distribution maps for all European breeding birds is intensifying. We need to collect enough funds to ensure a continuous flow of the project, namely for data analysis, producing the results and book publication in 2020. With our species sponsorship you can now join in and become a part of the process to help successfully finish one of the largest biodiversity projects ever attempted.

In order to help us make EBBA2 happen it is as simple as sponsoring your favourite bird species at: