Dear Colleague,

If you are interested in the birds of the Canary Islands, here is the link of my recently published handbook with 924 pages, 431 pictures, in the hand ID to all passerines and 202 detail distribution maps:

The Birds of the Canary Islands is a Macaronesian archipelago avifauna that fills an important gap in the ornithological literature. Full colour throughout it begins with authoritative introductory chapters covering subjects as history of Canarian ornithology, geography, climate, habitats and the current composition of the avifauna after a throrough reevaluation with data from 1800 to 2015. The species accounts then cover the 201 species recorded in this archipelago with sections of taxonomy, biogeography, status (historical and current), distribution & population (all with colour maps of breeding, wintering ranges or point observations at the island and islet level) habitat selection. Movements, food. Voice, breeding, biometrics & moult, plus conservation.