Giessen 2022

EOU conferences are held in different places in Europe every two years. They attract several hundred ornithologists from all over Europe and abroad.

It is a great honour for the participating institutions, the Justus Liebig University and the Bird and Nature Protection Society of Hesse (HGON), to take the responsibility of organizing the forthcoming European Ornithologist’s Union congress in Gießen (alternatively spelt Giessen), Germany. We look forward to host bird lovers from all over Europe, encompassing professional scientists and conservationists, experienced seniors and junior undergraduate or PhD students.

We are happy to welcome you in Gießen and show you some of the surrounding landscapes during the mid-congress excursion. Gießen is the town with the highest student ration in Germany, due to the Justus Liebig and Technical Universities. The Justus Liebig University is more than 400 years old, has 26.000 students and is a full-scale university with a broad range of faculties (e.g see

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Giessen for the 13th EOU congress in March 2022.

On behalf of the organizers,

Petra Quillfeldt (JLU) & Tobias Reiners (HGON)
Conveners, 13th European Ornithologist’s Union Congress 2022

More information about the conference is available on our conference website