Zoltan Barta



Zoltan Barta

Affiliation / Institution

MTA-DE "Lendület" Behavioural Ecology Research Group Department of Evolutionary Zoology, University of Debrecen


Debrecen, Egyetem ter 1., 4032, Hungary


I am interested in the social life of birds. We had investigated how predation pressure and food availability relate to colonial breeding in sand martin. More recently, we studied social foraging in house and tree sparrows, especially how individual characteristics (e.g. within flock position, dominance rank and level of energy reserves) influence the exploitation of food finding effort of others in the flock. Currently, we work on how the composition of a flock in terms of individual behaviour influence its functioning in sparrows. During my work I try to combine the development of theoretical models with empirical research. I am the Head of the Department of Evolutionary Zoology at the University of Debrecen, Hungary.

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