Tomasz Wesołowski



Tomasz Wesołowski

Affiliation / Institution

Department of Avian Ecology, Wrocław University


Wrocław, Poland


My research interests are quite dispersed, they cover ecology, behavior, evolution and conservation. Birds are in focus, but I frequently study birds’ relationships with other organisms, such as insects (food, parasites), mammals (predators), reptiles (ancestors, closest relatives), plants and fungi (food sources, nest sites). Since over 30 years I have been involved in studying breeding birds in the last surviving fragments of lowland deciduous forest of North temperate zone (Białowieża Forest), where conditions which once existed in the pristine forests, before large scale anthropogenic disturbances, are still preserved. This provides ideal settings for studies of evolutionary adaptations, for observing selective pressures to which the birds had to adapt in the past. Studies in the forest concentrate on structure and long-term dynamics of breeding bird community (numbers, structure, diversity, patterns of change, stability), as well as on population dynamics and lifehistories of individual species. Lately I devote special attention to hole resources (holes’ formation and decay), influence of predation pressure on nest site choice and brood productivity, factors synchronizing timing of breeding, impact of insect outbreaks on birds behavior and nesting success. Apart from Białowieża Forest studies I work also on the origins and evolution of parental care in birds and, last but not least, on conservation biology, especially on preservation of primeval forests and their birds.

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