Peter László Pap



Peter László Pap

Affiliation / Institution

Faculty of Biology and Geology, Babes-Bolyai University


Cluj Napoca, Romania


I am an associate professor at the Faculty of Biology and Geology of the Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj Napoca, Romania and work in the field of ecophysiology, life-history and evolutionary ecology of birds. He has founded and leads a small research group, called ‘Evolutionary Ecology Group’ of which the main activity is focused on avian biology. His main research interest is related to the study of avian populations, the evolution of feather structure, the comparative eco-immunology of birds and bird-parasite interaction.

He says about his involvement for the EOU:
“I decided to become a candidate for this position because I deeply believe in the importance of the EOU in promoting ornithology, bird conservation and science, and of which activity I wish to promote. As a candidate from an Eastern European country, Romania, I can hopefully contribute to promoting ornithology in this region, and to effectively connect EOU and ornithologists from this region, bringing new opportunities for the next generation ornithologists from Eastern Europe. During my career, I developed an extended social web among the Romanian and Hungarian ornithologists, which can be utilized in the future by increasing recognizability of EOU and membership among ornithologists in these countries. Moreover, I would like to help EOU in different aspects of public relations, thus I offer to organize one of the next EOU conferences in Romania.”

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