Oliver Conz



Oliver Conz


Oliver Conz has an extensive background on observing, studying and protecting birds, with a particular knack for woodpeckers. In his professional life his background is law, but he continues to spend much of his time doing active fieldwork, and serving in many ornithological organizations. Foremostly, he is President of the Ornithological Work Group of the German state of Hessia, a large group with several employess. Oli says:

“My whole life I tried to use my talents to broaden the knowledge on birds, their abundance, distribution and behaviour, especially with a view to nature conservation. Lacking own scientific backround I help strengthen ornithological organizations and nature conservation, inspire the passion of young people for birds and supporting their scientific work. As birds don’t know political borders, my commitment consequently doesn’t either. So, with my application for the EOU-Council I intend to help the EOU together with the other members of the Council to take further steps to grow and to fulfil its important purpose.“