Marko Magi



Marko Magi


University of Tartu, Zoology Department, Estonia


I have been studying hole-nesting passerines since 1998. Because I’m member of council of Estonian Ornithological Society I have seen what has been happening on a local scale, and I think that EOU needs people from Baltics also to have more audience. So far there has been no cooperation between Estonian Ornithological Society and EOU, and a considerable part of the Estonian ornithologists do not know about EOU. I hope that I can promote EOU among Estonian colleagues.

I attended for the first time at a EOU conference in 2001 as student. This meeting impressed me very much because during that time I did not have clear picture what is happening in avian science. I’m still impressed how relevant and well organized EOU meetings have been so far and I hope that it will be so in future also. I will try to contribute as much as it is in my power to keep high standards.