Judy Shamoun-Baranes



Judy Shamoun-Baranes

Affiliation / Institution

Computational Geo-Ecology, University of Amsterdam


the Netherlands


Judy Shamoun-Baranes is a researcher at the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics at the University of Amsterdam in The Netherlands. She will give a plenary lecture at the EOU meeting in Badajoz. For it, she explains that she is fascinated by avian flight behaviour. Her research focuses on understanding how different intrinsic and environmental factors influence bird movement at different scales in space and time. Where possible she combines measurements of bird movement, models and environmental data to study immediate responses of birds to their environment, resulting movement patterns, and longer term consequences of different behavioural strategies. High resolution GPS tracking and radar measurements are often used in her research resulting in new challenges and opportunities for studying movement. Systems being studied include soaring bird, passerine, wader and seabird migration, and individual foraging strategies. She is currently the vice-chair of the e-COST Action “the European Network for the Radar Surveillance of Animal Movement” (ENRAM, http://www.enram.eu ).

She explains her interest in serving the EOU as follows:
My motivation to join the council would be my interest in stimulating ornithological research and collaboration between members of a broad ornithological community and to help maintain and expand a vibrant research community in Europe. I think the EOU helps provide a network where people from academic and non-academic institutes and different stages in the their research career can meet, exchange ideas, learn from each other and create new synergies. I find it a true privilege that my work is something I truly love to do and that I work on something that fascinates me. I would simply like to help support the activities of the EOU.

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