Arne Hegemann



Arne Hegemann

Affiliation / Institution

University of Lund




My interest in birds developed during early childhood. Already as a teenager I initiated several bird surveys, participated in monitoring programs and worked as a volunteer for nature conservation. After my undergraduate studies in Germany, I did my PhD in the Netherlands before moving to Lund University in Sweden. My work is characterised by a strong interest in migration and in links between physiology and ecology. In particular, I am interested how links between immune function and ecology shape the annual cycle of birds. I use different approaches (e.g., observational and correlational studies, field and lab experiments), a variety of methods and techniques (from traditional behavioural observations to radio-telemetry and cutting-edge stable isotope analyses, immunological tests, and molecular analyses) and a fine-tuned combination of field and lab work. Much of my work focuses on (partial) migratory birds.

Arne explains his wish to help the EOU as a Council member as follows:
“The EOU conference in Vienna in 2007 was my first EOU conference and since then I didn’t miss a single conference. I always much appreciated and enjoyed the EOU conferences. They are among the best conferences that exist. The EOU is outstanding in bringing together ornithologists from all over Europe, and especially in connecting volunteers, amateur ornithologists, professional scientists, conservationists and fundamental naturalists. This mixture of people with different backgrounds makes the EOU and the conferences unique and very valuable. Over the years I have made many friends. I always enjoyed the friendly, stimulating atmosphere on the conferences and I have much benefited from attending the meetings. Now I would like to give something back to the EOU. I believe I can contribute valuable input to the EOU because I combine several features that are fundamental to the EOU. I grew up as a volunteer in nature conservation and I still participate as a volunteer in many different bird monitoring programs. Yet, nowadays I am working as a professional scientist in the academic world studying the ecology and physiology of (migrating) birds. Hence, I combine the volunteer and professional ornithologist in myself. I have lived in three different countries and my international background broadened my view. Furthermore, I am currently at the transition from an early-career researchers to a more senior researcher and hence have valuable ideas how to support and encourage young people to participate at and enjoy the EOU conferences. Finally I have served at various advisory boards in the past and have thus experience in advising and managing societies. I believe this combination will enable me to provide useful and valuable feedback to maintain the high status of the EOU and to help the EOU into a successful future.”