Andrey Bushuev



Andrey Bushuev

Affiliation / Institution

Lomonosov Moscow State University




I studied biology at the Faculty of Biology of Lomonosov Moscow State University (1997-2005). Since 2005 I work at the department of Vertebrate Zoology of the same university. In 2009 I defended my PhD thesis “Factors of variation of resting metabolic rate in Pied Flycatcher (Ficedula hypoleuca) nestlings”. My main research interests in biology are focused on polymorphism in colouration, energetics, functional ecology, population ecology and evolutionary physiology of birds. I am part of the scientific group that works on pied flycatchers and great tits at Zvenigorod biological station of Moscow State University. Since 2011 I started to work as a guest researcher at the Russian-Vietnamese Tropical Center in South Vietnam, where I study energetics in tropical birds of different taxonomic and ecological groups.

This is why he wants to help the EOU: Recently I participated in the national ornithological conference and I was impressed by the number of ornithologists in Russia. I know chiefly scientists from main institutes of Moscow and St. Petersburg, but there are lots of ornithologists in other Russian cities. Many of them are very experienced field researchers. The problem is that they do not interact and cooperate with international colleagues. They publish their results in local Russian journals, which are near impossible to find even in Moscow. But science can’t be national nowadays! I want to help Russian ornithologists to come up on the European level. I want to inspire them to participate in EOU conferences and other international meetings, to inspire them to publish their works in English. I want to help them to connect with colleagues from other countries and to participate in interpopulational projects (some of Russian ornithologist have long-term datasets, which are absolutely unknown abroad). This will help Russian ornithologists to use new ideas, to exceed the limits of classic ornithology and not to spend time and efforts solving already solved problems. I think that bringing ornithologists from peripheral Russian universities to European level is the best thing which I can do to help EOU at present. Furthermore, it will help ornithology on the whole. Finally, I can help to organize one of the future EOU conferences in Russia.