Arie van Noordwijk



Arie van Noordwijk

Affiliation / Institution

Netherlands Institute of Ecology




How can we improve our understanding of evolutionary processes so much that we can begin to predict which species have how much capacity to adapt to environmental changes. Where are the limits, both in types of environmental changes and in rates of change. These are the major questions to which I hope to contribute along two axes: the heritability and selection of life history traits on the one hand and population structure in terms of variation in survival and dispersal on the other hand. Although most of my work is based on long-term studies of great and blue tits, I have (helped in) analysed data on other species as well. I obtained my PhD in Utrecht in 1980, worked in the Zoology Institute in Basel from 1984-1991 and since then I have worked in the Netherlands Institute of Ecology. I have served on the EOU council from 1997 – 2001, chaired the SPC of the 2005 EOU conference in Strassbourg and returned to the council for the 2013-2017 period.

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